The quality mission is:

ABELA FRERES is committed to ensure safe storage and timely transport of products throughout the distribution chain, satisfying suppliers, customers and regulatory requirements. ABELA FRERES is also committed to continuous improvement.

ABELA FRERES' Drug depots were ISO 9001-2000 first certified in 2005 by BSI. Recertification is ongoing every three years. In 2015 , ABELA FRERES has been certified class A company for Good Storage and Distribution Practices (GSDP) by the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health.

ABELA FRERES' quality Management system is aligned with International Quality Standards for Good Storage and Distribution Practices GSDP.

Successful Quality audits are done by major suppliers on a regular basis.

Regulatory Affairs:

Compliance, Transparency and Ethical approach have been the basis for an excellent cooperation with the Lebanese Healthcare Authorities.

Coordination and communication with suppliers' regulatory departments are provided efficiently in order to reduce time to market for new and updated products.

Handled by a team of 5 highly qualified and professional pharmacists, Regulatory activities i.e. pharmaceutical products licensing, products variations, pricing, importation and updates, are done in a timely and efficient manner in order to answer the Patient, the Market and the Suppliers needs in compliance with the Local Lebanese Laws & Regulations.