About Us

The company was established in 1927 as a family-owned firm importing and distributing pharmaceutical products in Lebanon and the Middle East.
In 1997, it has been restructured in a privately owned stock company whereby its shares were allocated to the parent holding Holmed, top managing directors, and other external shareholders.
Banking on a proven success in the pharmaceuticals industry, backed by the Information Technology experience gained from its sister companies and supported by its financially strong holding parent, ABELA FRERES was able to establish a state of the art Pharmaceutical Distribution Network.


ABELA FRERES prides itself in having its own very rigorous code of ethics in addition to following the Principals' codes of ethics by the book.

ABELA FRERES invests in all matters related to the respect of the environment by recycling all company internal waste, and handling all expired goods according to environmental friendly standards.

ABELA FRERES also insists on the importance of providing all its associates irrespectively of their area of operation with a healthy and comfortable working environment.


ABELA FRERES, part of HOLCOM Group, relocated its offices to Holcom’s new state-of-the-art eco-friendly building which is conceived to save energy and structured to provide the best work conditions. 

These days, work is done in open spaces, on shared desks, in meeting rooms of all sizes, in study room-areas, in coffee points, in informal meeting rooms, etc... 

Hence, the new office layout was the answer to the current and future ways of working; "work" being done on a "where and when is necessary" basis and in spaces utilized effectively, designed based on function and task and that encourage communication between all the levels of staff.

The new ABELA FRERES offices also have client specific areas. These areas contain waiting zones as well as dedicated meeting rooms to build effective collaborations between the company and its clients-visitors.


Strategically located on a crossroad of major entrances and exits of Greater Beirut, ABELA FRERES is optimally connected to the capital as well as to remote regions.

The warehouse, equipped with high-quality racking systems and the finest automated equipment, is designed by experts to have efficient storage management and optimal workflow allowing ABELA FRERES to swiftly respond to customer needs.

Dedicated caged zones are put together to replicate the business workflow and to overrule possible mix-ups.

Mission and Vision

To establish long lasting Partnerships with globally renowned pharmaceutical brands

To be the partner of choice to globally renowned pharmaceutical brands looking for access in Lebanon