Founded in 2007, ABELA MARKETING MIDDLE EAST ( A sister company to ABELA FRERES) , set out with a Vision to become a Prime Marketing Partner in Lebanon and the Middle East, for Multinational Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological Companies looking to Outsource the Promotion of some or all of their Products.

Our Partners and Managers enrich the company with Years of Experience in Diverse Regional Managerial Positions with Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies and therefore, are keen to develop and sustain business relationships while observing Internationally Recognized Codes of ethics.
Subsequently, AMME successfully passed in 2016 a Rigorous Audit for marketing practices by a Top 10 Multinational company.

We are constantly evolving, integrating Medical Affairs in our Organization as well as giving a prime importance to Market Access.

We are proud of having Abbot, Exeltis, Eisai, Danone Medical Nutrition, Aspen and many others as our Partners, which have benefited of this association, noting that Marketing Excellence by the AMME Team has been translated in a Tenfold increase in annual turnover in the past years for these Companies.

We believe in Growth, Integrity, Transparency and Flexibility.

We are AMME.