Sales & Customer Support

ABELA FRERES Sales & Distribution Department consists of:

4 dedicated teams serving an optimal number of Healthcare Establishments across the Country and covering all market categories
A customer support Team serving as a back office for the sales consultants, suppliers and customers.

ABELA FRERES Sales & Distribution Department role is to:

Achieve optimal and direct market coverage to the various market sectors (Pharmacies, Hospitals, Public sectors and institutions) in the Lebanese territory.
Maximize shelf presence and increase penetration and distribution of all brands in the 2,200 pharmacies directly covered by its sales teams.
Provide the best client servicing to all its customers through its Multichannel Operation consisting of:

   - A Dedicated Sale & Distribution Team
   - A Customer Support Department
   - A 24/7 Communication Center 
   - A Friendly user Online App for Direct Ordering through the Personal Smartphone of Pharmacists - Recently Launched.

Provide the suppliers with ongoing market intelligence on products, competitors, market trends and important changes.
Support suppliers in market access in all governmental institutions.

ABELA FRERES Sales & Distribution Department is committed to:

Recruit talented and friendly people with a fighting spirit and a passion for success.
Provide continuous coaching and training to the sales consultants.
Ensure a proper team spirit and continuously motivate the sales consultants.
Use state of the art mobile applications to process in real-time all sales related tasks conducted in the field.